Trouser like it’s 2019- Trend Patterns TCP6 Pleat Trousers

It’s 2004… it’s my first year at university. After a triumphant run of hipster, bootcut jeans, a new kid comes to town to fuck it all up… Skinny Jeans.
I go to every ‘high end boutique’ in town…New Look, River Island, Dorthy Perkins and finally my own personal temple, Topshop to find a pair that I could wear to the indie disco. They were so alien at the time, but I eventually relented and have spent the majority of the last 15 years in skinny jeans. My thighs and butt packed in and ankles exposed to the world.

However, over time the few pairs of wide leg trousers I do have are getting more and more wear and thought that’d I’d sew up some more to flip my usual silhouette and give my butt and thighs a little breathing room.
I chose the Trend Patterns TCP6 pleat trousers. This is the third pattern I’ve sewn from them and I chose it as I feel all their designs are really fashion forward and modern.

I had some fabric in my stash that I picked up at the Cloth House Warehouse sale in June. It’s a black poly-mix with checked pattern that’s structured but not too thick to be bulky at the pleat points. I used some cotton lawn from my stash for the pocket bags.

The TCP patterns have fairly sparse instructions and are clearly from someone who works to fashion industry standards (none of these massive seam allowances) so maybe total beginners should steer clear. The construction was simple and once I cut and marked all the pleats and other notches, these came together over an evening.

I used heavyweight interfacing to make the waistband extra sturdy, as in high waisted trousers I like that extra bit of support. My zip went in without any protests and the fit is overall pretty good.

The pleats do add extra volume at the front, so if you are particularly aware of your tummy, might not work for you. I made these in size 14 with no adjustments and the legs are a bit wider than expected and I only used a 3.5cm hem as opposed to the 5cm instructed in the pattern.
When summer rolls round I’ll be wearing these with cropped or tied t-shirts, but until the weather warms up I’ll have to think about a few more ways to style. I went for a classic breton and lipstick in my photos, but will look out for any other cropped patterns that’ll work for the chillier weather (I’ve still not managed to master the Seamwork Astoria sweater).

Anyway, thar she blows… AND extra bonus, this is the first item ticked off my #makenine2019

One thought on “Trouser like it’s 2019- Trend Patterns TCP6 Pleat Trousers

  1. They are so huge, magnificently so. Like a beautiful pleated skirt, but a little more sensible for winter.
    You are tempting me. Temptress!

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