Vulcan Disco Dress- In the Folds Rushcutter

Happy New Year Sew-Folk!

I hope you’ve been able to squeeze in some sewing between all the parties and prosecco. I have had a very relaxed festive break and have been knitting, sewing, prepping, cutting and planing lots of projects.

This year I decided to take part in #makenine2019 – I already had a ‘to-sew’ list, so skimming them down to nine made me really think not only what I needed, but what I wanted to sew. You can check out my selection here.

But before I get into 2019 sew plans, I had a few makes that I managed to finish in 2018. Here’s my In the Folds Rushcutter.

As mentioned before love the aesthetic of the In the Folds designs and have already made other design plus some from Emily’s work with Peppermint Magazine’s Sewing School too.

I choose the Rushcutter as I wanted a dress to throw on with boots and tights in the colder months, ensuring  enough space for layers underneath when it’s really chilly.

I had this grey twill denim in my stash and thought paired with the tailoring of the pattern, would be near those ‘oh-sew-chic’ Scandinavian smocks I’ve drooled over in Cos and Toast.

The pattern, as always, is beautifully drafted with some unusual style lines, there’s a front panel to bring in the sleeves and beautiful curved seam at the back. The instructions are very clear and easily guide you through bringing the unconventional pattern pieces together.

As I had a little more time to finish this make (not to mention my overlocker was driving me insane) I chose to finish all the seams with bias-binding. I delved into my stash and pulled out a silky royal blue roll, thinking there would be more than enough to cover all the seams…I very swiftly ran out and had to switch over to orange to finish. Should anyone be lucky enough to see inside my dress, they will get this Terry’s Chocolate Orange homage.

The dress as drafted fell just below the knee on me and I initially thought I’d leave the length, so I’d wear without tights in summer too, but after some wandering about felt I enjoyed it more a mini dress. Even with some lopped off the hem, the pockets are still magnificently big.

I love this dress, but Mr FOB commented that in the grey fabric, it did have a futuristic communist vibe. THIS IS TOTALLY FINE BY ME! I am a Star Trek fan, so I was delighted I now had an outfit to wear to the Vulcan disco.

Sew Long and Prosper.


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