Autumn ‘Blitz’ style- Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress

Hey sew folks,

Hope you are all doing well and getting a chance to live your best craft lives.

Since I last saw you I’ve been knitting my balls off trying to finish a Parma violet coloured jumper in mohair and I had a jolly to the knitting at stitching show at Ally Pally. I came away with a few bits of fabric that I hope to convert from stash to super make soon.

Here’s a nice autumn number I whipped up- the Sew Over It Vintage Shirtdress.

I’ve been trying to up my midi dress game as they are so good for me to wear to work- I’ve had this pattern in my queue for a fair while.

I used this burgundy paisley rayon that I got for pennies online. I was a little worried that this would be too light for this design but I lengthened the skirt to a midi level, so was prepared to either i) wear a slip ii) hope the additional length and buttons would weigh it down enough.

As you will see the end result, in this fabric does have a hint of ‘call the midwife’ but it means I’ll be ready if I ever get invited to that blitz party they used to do at Bethnal Green…

The instructions are nice and clear and inserting the collar was a breeze with the diagrams. I really like the pleats and their placement makes this design quite forgiving in terms of fitting.

As mentioned I lengthened the skirt but had a doofus monument and forgot the lengthen the facing too. This meant during construction I had to add some extra length in but I’d already used my scraps of this fabric! The resulting internal patchwork is pleasing to me and hopefully anyone else who gets to see inside my dress.

I used my new button gauge to mark my buttons and ended up with 13 in the end. Thank goodness for my new pfaff super machine as my old machine wouldn’t have been able to hack it. The buttons are vintage from my button tin stash I acquired from my Nan.

There are fitting improvements to be made, through the shoulder and back, but as a speedy autumn sew from bargain fabric I’m not going to bust my balls in altering too much. I’ve already worn the work with black ankle boots and a slouchy jumper and think the slightly oversized look OK.

Awkward pics incoming!

One thought on “Autumn ‘Blitz’ style- Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress

  1. It’s very handsome on you, and the print is entirely appropriate to the style. I used to have the Folkwear shirt dress pattern on endless rerun, and somehow have grown in directions that make that not possible. This looks promising, and your comments on the instructions and fit sound like I have a new friend. And I’ll be faking half those buttonholes because Bernina demonic buttonhole possession.

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