I’ll give you the down low.

I’ve done my fair share of raising hems- I am a little shorter than average and even though I do promise myself that one day I will be the kind of woman who will wear heels in the casual sense and look completely at ease as I trot from my lunch meeting to after work … More I’ll give you the down low.

Money Muscle.

Jeans, so key to everything, yet so very annoying. I personally hate going shopping for jeans, so when I get a pair I like they are in for the long run. Here’s a quick post just to show how I go about mending jeans- a lot of people think a rip is the end for … More Money Muscle.

Pick a Pocket.

Another speed make here and one I’m sure you’ve seen all over the craft blog rock n roll circuit. This is a cute way to update a plain t-shirt with a contrasting fabric pocket. Not only will this give you a useful pocket to put pens, change and sherbet lemons in, it’ll also make people … More Pick a Pocket.

I am Andy Warhol.

I learnt to screen print whilst I was at school, during a class that at the time was called ‘Textiles’, abbreviated from ‘textile technology’. This was a show that it was a science and not just a sewing class to ensure you were ready for marriage and your forth coming domestic responsibilities. I write like … More I am Andy Warhol.

for BFFs only.

Here’s a speedy post- this one is so easy it seems like cheating. This is a quick guide to making knotted friendship bracelets. I have been making these since the mid 90’s, when on a family holiday to Orlando I picked up a friendship bracelet set from a toy shop. There are many variations and … More for BFFs only.