Sit your butt down.

I have just moved into a nice new flat and now the dust has settled and my sewing machine has made it out into daylight, it is time to fill it with crafty crap. I feel the slightly wonky and garishly patterned style of my work will bring my nice new flat to the more … More Sit your butt down.

Music to my Ears

If the fact I am blogging about craft projects isn’t quite twee enough for you, I also play the ukulele. Flippin’ deal with it. My beautiful Baton Rouge soprano ukulele has been in need of a case for some time. It previously lived in a gorgeous tartan one made by Sugar Ray bought from the … More Music to my Ears

Cat’s Pyjamas

Just a speedy one, on one of my favourite projects that has been reeled out in many many guises. Here’s a look at some of my customized pyjama bottoms- this is a very standard gift if you are a friend of fuck off bunting. Many have had the honour of donning some of Jess ‘Jamas. … More Cat’s Pyjamas