Bad Bunting

Please send in any examples of excessive or offensive bunting use.
I call this ‘Bad Bunting’ and ‘Bad Bunting’ can Fuck Off.
Even Shaun isn’t safe from the fucking bunting botherers. Is nothing sacred?!


Why Ben Sherman? Why?

Bunting Explosion


Sure, adding bunting to photo composition makes me want to buy your old trousers eBay seller.

photo 4

London Zoo, luring in happy families with happy bunting.

photo 3

London Underground staff celebrating the World Cup with international flag bunting.

photo 2

Fancy flat with shabby chic bunting over the dining table.

photo 1

If only…


Some cheeky blighters did this…In the words of Shaggy, ‘It wasn’t me’


5 thoughts on “Bad Bunting

  1. I thought only 1970s used car dealerships used The Bunting? Now, it’s the lazy man’s garland. Like coffee-induced diarrhea, it’s everywhere.Ugh. The very word “bunting” sounds too much like something disgusting one might see on a motel porn pay per view channel.

  2. LOL! My dislike for bunting doesn’t run quite so deep BUT soooo get where the lack of live comes from …… Everyone jumped on the band wagon and being a sewing teacher I HAD to make some and it did make me twitch a bit!

  3. wha ha ha ha just discovered your site, and its certainly making my saturday backshift a lot cheerier!!!

  4. I hate bunting soooo much. It reeks of people with too much time on their hands, hosting boring, over-planned parties that are more about photo opportunities than having a good time. Glad I’m not alone in this, I shall be keeping an eye out for examples!

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