I’ll give you the down low.

I’ve done my fair share of raising hems- I am a little shorter than average and even though I do promise myself that one day I will be the kind of woman who will wear heels in the casual sense and look completely at ease as I trot from my lunch meeting to after work … More I’ll give you the down low.

Pick a Pocket.

Another speed make here and one I’m sure you’ve seen all over the craft blog rock n roll circuit. This is a cute way to update a plain t-shirt with a contrasting fabric pocket. Not only will this give you a useful pocket to put pens, change and sherbet lemons in, it’ll also make people … More Pick a Pocket.

I am Andy Warhol.

I learnt to screen print whilst I was at school, during a class that at the time was called ‘Textiles’, abbreviated from ‘textile technology’. This was a show that it was a science and not just a sewing class to ensure you were ready for marriage and your forth coming domestic responsibilities. I write like … More I am Andy Warhol.

for BFFs only.

Here’s a speedy post- this one is so easy it seems like cheating. This is a quick guide to making knotted friendship bracelets. I have been making these since the mid 90’s, when on a family holiday to Orlando I picked up a friendship bracelet set from a toy shop. There are many variations and … More for BFFs only.

Telly Addicts

I have been a long time fan of Etsy, but up until this point I have only bought jewellery and one rather fantastic silk screen print. It was an epiphany for me to find there are also a wide range of sewing patterns available. There are lots of sellers with original vintage patterns, to get … More Telly Addicts

Dress hacks.

I love high street fashion, but it does come with a few draw backs that can spoil the fun. 1. Not thought out often items bought from the high street can look amazing but once you get them home you think ‘how the hell do I wash ostrich feathers/ sequins? can I be arsed to … More Dress hacks.

Music to my Ears

If the fact I am blogging about craft projects isn’t quite twee enough for you, I also play the ukulele. Flippin’ deal with it. My beautiful Baton Rouge soprano ukulele has been in need of a case for some time. It previously lived in a gorgeous tartan one made by Sugar Ray bought from the … More Music to my Ears