In Action

Here are some of the previous craft efforts in action- please send me a picture if you are one of the chosen ones and I will flash your face to the interweb.

photo 2-1
Tasty, tasty, junk food lino print

photo 1-1
Can still get a slice of truth pie from a lino print, cut and design by me!


photo 5

 Screen print grizzly bear for my friend Ali “grizzlers’ Plumb.

photo 4

Sparkly gold FOB label in a tshirt, looking Bad Ass.

photo 3

Instagram Shout out for some FOB embroidered PJs.

photo 1

Teeny niece hopping about in her bunny dress.

Mama down under look casual cool with her feeding cape.

photo (2)

More bloody Aprons! Master Marengo models whilst cooking something scrumptious, with a nifty front pocket for spices and spoons.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.30.34

Here’s the blurry but wonderful K-Bo with her ‘slut pony’ apron- I expect her to wear it when we open the bakery of the same name.

photo (3)

A cushion cover with a few of my Ma’s favourite things, a Christmas gift from last year. All done in backstitch.


Yet another apron- this one now lives down under- check out the pockets!

photo (5)

Legendary Eurovision party courtesy of Matt Reberio take II. Windmill dress with headdress…who owns the windmill you ask? why it’s Dutch legend Dennis Bergkamp. (plus a shout out to Lambo for her hot Azerbaijani flame towers)


The quilt made for my niece Clodagh, to help guide her on her way to having bad ass music taste. Hand embroidered panels with a paisley edging.

music mat

 Here’s Clodagh on her Music Mat, check out the musical legends and excellent summer fashion collection

dad apron

 The apron for my Pop to compliment his new found love of baking.


 Bridie in her ‘Auber-genie in a bottle’ apron. Hand embroidered motif (and she didn’t even take it to SA, the bitch)

Spag Bol

 The Famous Spag-Bol dress for Eurovision 2012. Possibly my life’s greatest achievement. Appliquéd plate of pasta on a table cloth dress avec basil hair clip.

Lil Nuggz

An apron for Layla celebrating her achievement in the Chicken Nugget eat-off of 2012. Screen printed design from hand cut stencil. Respect Lil Nuggz.

50 shades

 Another one for Bridie, ’50 Shades of Hey!’ tote. Hand drawn stencil and then screen printed. Inner seams bound with Liberty-esque binding. Fabric erotica.


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