Trans-seasonal floral bonanza- the Jazz dress, Ready to Sew

Guys, I told you I was working on some holiday dresses and here’s another slice of that pie. However with this dress, I feel I’ve got not only a holiday winner but can style through autumn too.

After seeing Kate from the Foldline’s vlog about July pattern releases I couldn’t help myself and make a Jazz dress from Ready to Sew. To quote Kate herself I saw it an thought ‘Yes I need it in my life’.
What’s great about this pattern is that it gives you various bodice and bottom options that you can Mix and Match. I think when I bought the pattern it was the jumpsuit version that seduced me but after looking and seeing some of the dresses that turned up (Kate’s included) I went with the dress.

Statment sleeves aren’t really my thing, but these really got under my skin, with dreams of litterally ‘having something up my sleeve’. I am coming to love braclet length sleeves (a few inches higher than the wrist, with the intention to show off your bangles or fancy watch) as a smarter alternative to rolling up, which is my go to.
So I decided to go for the long sleeved bodice and skirt option which I lengthened to a Midi.

The fabric is a printed cotton and I’m hoping as I wear this dress to death it will soften up to be more schlubby and delicous. I love this print as an all season superstar- with tie sandals and straw hat for summer and biker jacket, scarf and boots for winter. Patterned without being too fussy.

I use PDF patterns way more than paper patterns and a really nice touch with this one was that Ready to sew highlight which pages are needed for each option, minimising the cut and tape trudgery.

A few notes on the dress coming together…

The armscye is tight- Kate noted this during her vlog review so I had it in the back of my mind. At first I sewed the sleeves with a french seam as per the instructions and then did a fit test and they were too snug- as mentioned before my upper arms are puny at best. I unpicked and sewed with a regular seam for a little extra room and had to ease a little at the top.

The skirt is really simple and pockets are totally my jam, so delighted to have them in this pattern too. For the gathering I used the zig-zag + cord technique which I prefer over gathering stitches.

Inside is neat with overlocked everything- I think for different fabric, it could be worth omitting the neckline facing and lining the whole of the bodice.

The fit is generous but I quite like that scandi sack vibe and I have tried with a belt to cinch too so have options.

This bad boy came on holiday with me and was worn for a fancy meal on the harbour. Take note of awkward face ‘holiday edition’ with photos on the terrace just before sunset.

I must admit I am equally excited to give it an autumnal whirl back at work, but hopefully with my tan still in play.

Am still looking at the jumpsuit (thinking sandwash olive number) because once seduced I am a hard admirer to shake.

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