Marilla Walker Roberts Dungarees, a schmoofster’s dream.

When I saw Marilla Walkers latest capsule wardrobe, the Robert’s collection launched, I was really pushed for what to make first. The Robert’s collection is the type of pattern that jumps straight to the top of the make list and you question ‘How many could I make before people realise, I only wear one outfit in different colours?’


The jumpsuit was really tempting to me, I have been drooling over a very similar style to view A, in Cos and the thought of a lightweight denim jumpsuit, paired with a blanket scarf and leather jacket for autumnal wanders, was very appealing.


View D, the top was also tempting too, I am on the lookout for the kind of tops that are plain, simple but slightly more dressy then a t-shirt. Since the weather turned colder, I have been in a bit of jumper and jeans rut, so some clean tops in luxe fabrics could be a ‘morning dressing, no brainer’ alternative.

View C could have easily jumped to the top too, a casual dungaree dress could be the comfy link between breezy summer dresses and winter skirts. I have recently tried a similar style on in Zara, in a rich forest green corduroy, at the time, I wasn’t sold but making it at home could clinch the deal!

But of course, I had to make view B, the dungarees. I have mentioned before that I have been toying with dungarees since spring this year and dealing with some jealousy issues towards dunagree wearing babies. I have bought and returned many pairs from a number of shops and had decided it wasn’t to be.
I looked at the Turia pattern, but could already tell that the straighter cut leg would just make me look dumpy, like some kind of underwhelmed train conductor and I couldn’t facing sewing it up and then having to alter my way out of the train station.

…but then the Roberts Dungarees came along. With their modern skinny straps, with their clean seams, with their gentle front pleats and oh so cheeky tapered leg. Relaxed yet contemporary. I couldn’t stop myself.

The pattern has the options of either printing off a mega which includes all the pattern pieces you need for all the looks, or you can print off singular print for each of the styles. I chose the jumpsuit & dungarees which was still pretty mega.

I had some lovely mid-weight dark grey-black denim with a slight stretch, that I picked up whilst I was in Toronto and some crisp geometric pattern cotton from my stash to use for the lining.


Overall most of the instructions were clear and easy to follow, but they were obviously aimed at a slightly more advanced sewer than me.
It is also worth noting that the sewing gods were testing me with this one, presenting the plagues of iron burn, non-fusible interfacing that I thought was fusible, two broken needles and two incidents of me being a sewing twat.
There were stages in the construction where I would have liked to have a few more diagrams- for example the very first seam I sewed was the wrong one as there wasn’t a diagram to identify where to start.
I think there might still be some teething issues in the pattern, Marilla has already issued an addendum on how to finish the leg seams on view B, which was previously missed out.
I noticed some other kinks too; the cutting instructions ask you to cut two button tabs, but in the end the pattern only needs one- of course I sewed on both and then realised my mistake. Lastly when it comes to the buttons, the instruction say ‘refer to the user instructions’, I thought I was reading the instructions?!?

I enjoyed sewing this pattern as there were a few new skilled to work through. At the start of the pattern Marilla takes you through how to sew flat felled seams, giving the proper and cheat’s method, to suit all sewing morals. For this pattern I chose to use the proper method and was pretty pleased with the results.

Untitled design
Due to the flat felled seams the insides of my dungarees were already looking pretty neat and then I also had the pleasure of using my new toy too…
Last week Lidl were running a number of sewing deals, which my mum pointed me towards. Amongst the booty to be had were Singer overlockers for £129. I have been umming and aahhing over an overlocker for ages and this price was too good to resit. I understood that the model would be basic, but even a basic one would mean that I could conquer knits and tidy all my seams!

So I also had the pleasure of using my overlocker too. I threaded it up with mid grey, following Fiona from Diary of a Chain Stitcher’s, advice that this would suit the majority of colours and it was great for this project.

The pattern called for lining material for the pocket inners and also the facing of the bib. I did have enough denim that I could have self faced everything, but one of the joys of selfish sewing is giving myself some little easter eggs! I used a geometric cotton from my stash and love how it worked out.

Untitled design (1)
When it came to a fitting stage, I could have shortened the body a little, but having the straps gave me an easy fix and I just moved the poppers up the straps a little to pull the bodice up.

Overall I cut a straight size 4, wanting the fit to be a bit baggy. I could have probably cut a 3 and still got the loose fit. One of my most common mistakes with making my own clothes, is that I make them too big, I need to spend some time working on more focused fitting. all the advice from sewing books says lead with the bust measurement and then adjust from that, well my bust measurement can be 2 size different from my waist and my hips, should I follow the majority?
I am happy with them as they are, but will also see how the fair in the real world- I might run in the outer leg seams a smidgen just to taper the leg a little more. I plan to wear with slip on Vans, so must be weary of looking like I’m about to head to the farmers market to sell my homemade Jam.

Am I there to paint the wall? I’m not sure, no one asked, but some people did look expectant.

This pattern is beautifully drafted and something that I can see myself returning to again and again.
I am thinking of maybe making a party version of the jumpsuit in a slinky material or maybe with some fancy trim or piping.

I am hopeful that these will work their way into my wardrobe and not just the Sunday schmoofing section (they will most definitely have a returning cameo to the Sunday schmoofing section though)



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