Eye of the…Panther, Lakeside PJs


People, come on, look at this fabric! Doesn’t it just make you think of everything that is great and good in the world? Panthers- check. Neon- Check. Flowers- check (they almost look like succulents which you know is a big hit with me).
As we get read to be launched into autumn…yes I have admitted it now, the black tights have even made an appearance too…it is the time for me to cram in a few selfish-sews before the deluge of Autumn birthday gifts and Christmas makes top the to-do list.

When I saw this fabric on Ebay, I couldn’t let it go with out getting a few meters and I think it was barginous to boot, at about £4 per meter, so how could I resist?

I spent most of the (short) summer in midi skirts and thought at first, that I could use either Megan Neilsen’s free Veronica skirt pattern or the By Hand London circle skirt calculator to sew up this fabric. However I then thought back to my ‘chic thyself’ pledge and knew that this was a bit barmy even for me, to wear out and so rarely is there a neon panther occasion in my schedule.
As a side bar, I am delighted that Project Runway is back and Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are back in my life, hearing Heidi’s Auf Wierdersehen, gives me such joy. I was watching and thinking how even on the runway, a neon-panther-flower print skirt might be pushing it and that Zac Posen would be questioning my Taste Levels as a designer- so I knew this had to be pyjamas.


I have mentioned before and fully exercised the fact that pyjamas can be as mental as you godamn please and are a great use for all the cray cray fabric you have stashed…as the year goes on, the pyjama gifts I’ve been handing out to my buddies are getting more and more loopy, sorry in advance friends.

For my own personal fruit loop bedtime ensemble, I chose the Grainline Studio,  Lakeside set. I love this pattern for the running short style binding detail on the shorts and the open back detail on the top.

I have made the Grainline Scout (several successful and unsuccessful times) before and had no problem with the Grainline instructions, minus the instances when I ignored them. The written instructions are clear and the visual diagrams are simple and easy to understand.

This is a speedy make with only two pieces for the top and four for the shorts, plus the waistband.
The most time consuming part of the make is applying the binding. As per usual I bought pre made binding and opted for silky turquoise for a boudoir feel. Usual when I use binding I cheat and just stitch it on once,catching all the layers in one fell swoop- but for these PJ’s you should read the instructions and use the method laid out in the instructions. This involves sewing within the fold on one side of the binding and then going back an topstitching the other side down.
I behaved and went by the rules for all for all of the binding.


The only area where I was a little confused was when the two binding points crossed on the shorts, but other than that I sped through this make.

Excuse the shocked expression, I think I was mid giggle. As you can see the top is quite tent-like, I could have easily gone a size down and it would still be roomy enough for slouchy Sundays. I have quite a narrow back and shoulders so the straps do tend to slip off, as they are set a little wide for me. I doubt I’ll actually wear this top to bed very much as the excess from the bigger size, plus the slippery nature of the fabric means it doesn’t actually stay put and provide bedtime coverage, stray breasts ahoy. It is more likely the shorts will get teamed with T-shirts instead.

Despite not wearing the top to bed, I think I will use the pattern to make some basic camisoles in cream and black silk or viscose, to increase my plain basics collection. I will go for the size down and maybe shave a little width from the neckline too. I have some black pleather bias binding. which could make for quite a cool trim detail on a black camisole.


I love the shorts and have been wearing them since I finished this make. As with the Coachella shorts I have made previously, I will probably anchor the elastic at the side seams, just to ensure I doesn’t twist within the channel.

Now, I am hoping to fit in a few more selfish sews to bulk up my autumn wardrobe, I am scheming a midi Zeena dress to wear with ankle boots, maybe an Astoria sweater from the Seamwork mag and waiting patiently for the chestnuts to start appearing in the supermarkets, for Autumnal feasts.
There will (maybe) be a short break from pyjama posts, until it gets too cold and I have to make full length flannel ones ready for hibernation.

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