The ‘Summer’ Sessions

I have called this the ‘Summer Sessions’ but we all know it’s pretty far from that at the moment. I have crossed all the fingers and toes for some sunshine and heat! There are so many lovely summer dress patterns, I have waiting, just calling out for some sunshine- the Sew over it Betty dress, or Dixie’s Bonnell dress or an amazing tropical Holly Jumpsuit from the By hand London gals.
Anyways, sorry blog folk, I have been a little MIA over the past few weeks and I just wanted to let you know it’s not for lack of crafting, it’s just that most of my current projects are gifts, so have to keep them hush-hush for the moment. I will blog my guts out with all of these, as soon as I’ve let all the cats out of all the bags.

But here’s a few in the meantime…

1. The Cat sitting on a box of eggs lino print

I feel this is what is says on the tin really. It was a lino print. Of a Cat. Sitting on a box of eggs.
This was the first time I used the harder traditional lino. I felt this gave me slightly more accuracy in my design, but is also quite unforgiving with mistakes. I thought about trying some designs with different colour printing inks, but love the look of black prints. Although this was a birthday present for a friend, I did some extra prints with the block, and sent one to my Mum. She hung it up in her house, so I am counting that as my gallery debut.

Untitled design
2. Lady Brain Club Tote Bags

I have a new hinged silk screen, meaning I can easily print more than one copy of each design at a time, without the fear of misplacement or paint splodges. To test my new kit, I decided to print these totes bags for my follow Lady Brain Club members, which is the name of our book club and they obviously need something to carry the books in!
Printing in this way, calls for some extra discipline to doing one offs- It mean I had to mark up and think about my placement of stencil and print surface a little more.
My new screen also has a higher grade mesh on it, meaning I am playing around a little with the composition and consistency of my printing mix.
When I have mixed purple before, the end results often come out a bit sludgy and brown. In order the battle this I used florescent pink acrylic instead of red and am pleased with the vibrancy.  These were a fairly good test run I think!

Untitled design (1)

3. Green Fingers

Although not a sewing or craft project, I have recently found a new love of houseplants.
Since moving to my new flat I have got really into plants- they are mostly succulents because you have to walk before you run, right? I do have a Boston Ferm too, but it looks like it’s choosing how to best make a slow exit.
But back to the craft angle, I am planning projects to jazz up some of the pots, or trying to make my own pots, in some lovely muted matte glazes…think Texas ranch. The clay has arrived and I’m just waiting for a free afternoon, as my current craft roster just wasn’t messy enough!
Having the sunshine in the flat means most of the plants are looking healthy, with a couple even sprouting new shoots in approval. However out of all my indoor bushel, I managed to kill the Cactus first, I think it wasn’t ready for the level of love I was giving.

Untitled design (2)
4. New Website
This is a teaser. Always end the episode with a teaser.
I am working on a new project and will be sure to do a little cross promotion when it’s ready and don’t worry I won’t become any less offended by bunting as a result.
But I am looking forward to adding another string to my internet bow and am also enjoying learning the new skills to get it up and running. So sit tight, shameless plugging to follow soon.

Untitled design


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