1 Fangirl + 1 Tatty Devine Workshop = Happy Wednesday

I was an intellectual wannabe as a teenager and one of the tells of this was my fondness of reading the Sunday Times. I remember one particularly knobby afternoon I spent reading it in the Starbucks, at Bluewater shopping centre…Starbucks was still trendy then and it was my best attempt at creating some sort of coffee shop, bohemian retreat.
But one of the highlights of the Sunday Times for me was getting the ‘Style’ supplement. This was my first real taste of fashion and can remember drooling over luxe brands which were a very, very far cry from my ‘boyfriend’ jeans and battered Converse. It was in ‘Style’ that I remember first seeing a piece by Tatty Devine- the famous plectrum bracelet. I think I rushed inside and immediately (as immediately as dial up would allow) logged onto to their website and was hooked on their name necklaces and clever, bold, acrylic designs.

The love has continued and I still spend ages looking at their website and creating wish lists. I have been lucky enough to get lots of pieces as gifts and now have quite the collection.


When the Tatty Devine email newsletter (yes. of course I get the newsletter) let me know there were now workshops- I had to go!

There were a couple of options that wouldn’t work for me…mostly the bunting necklace and the heart bunting necklace, because, as you are well aware, Bunting can Fuck Off.
I was so delighted to see the Parakeet necklace option, as I had so nearly bought this in the gold colour-way before from the shop and signed up immediately.

If you want a slice of the action can find details about the workshops, Here. (I won’t judge you if you choose the bunting necklace workshop, I promise)

I quickly got a friend on the band wagon too and off we trotted to the Tatty shop on Brick Lane.

We we greeted by lots of colourful acrylic in the workshop space, found at the back of the regular retail shop.
I can’t tell you how drawn I was to this giant bejewelled lobster.  I have been trying to form an argument in my head, that my flat absolutely, desperately needs a giant bejewelled lobster…but I’ve not come up with anything solid yet.

We were provided with the pre-cut perspex pieces to make up the necklace and then we had to join them together with jump rings. You had the choice of whether you wanted a gold, or silver chain and I went for gold, because, I love gold stuff.
Our instructors talked us through the construction and I know this might sound hyperbolic, but the jump ring technique shown to us… blew. my. mind.
I hate to be a tease, raving about it and not telling you, but I want to respect the lovely Tatty Devine folk and encourage you to go.

Untitled design

We were then shown techniques in correctly dealing with chains and how to measure them properly for an even ‘hang’. I can truly say, I’ll take techniques away from the course and can recommend the sessions to anyone who dabbles in jewellery making.

We fitted our Parakeet necklaces, using a pre-made example as a guide- I went slightly longer and my padre went slightly shorter, one of the joys of making it yourself, perfect hang.
Whilst offering us cookies, the instructors checked our work, to ensure our necklaces wouldn’t just fall apart the moment we left the shop. I am very proud to say I was told my jump rings were “great”, a very flattering coming from Tatty Devine professionals.

Untitled design (1)

After a quick buff our necklaces were ready and even packaged up in the classic Tatty box too.
I took some time to quiz the team about their laser cutter and perspex supplier- I think they got my crafter envy.
Another added bonus to the course was that on the day you also got a whopping 20% off anything in store. It took nearly all the will power I had, not to get this giant gold dinosaur.

Instead to fulfil my lobster lust, I came home with this little guy! Watch this space for Lobster + Breton outfit adventures!

A big thanks to photographer extraordinaire, Natalie Powell for letting me use all her amazing pics. (Anything in focus and with amazing composition can be accredited to her!)
You can find her @NatalieDPowell on instagram to check out some of her other beauties.

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