A Years worth of telling bunting to ‘Fuck Off’


It is the time of year where we all look back and go- ‘Where the bloody hell did that year go and what the hell was I doing?’

In speaking to friends/ colleagues/ stoned people at bus stops, it seems to me, there has been a universal feeling that this year has flown by. I find it very interesting, that there could be this universal concept of time, that we all feel and experience together.
My year flew by because it was filled with a number of wonderful events, plus a bit of a hectic time at work, but what happened to make my bus stop buddy feel that way too?

Anyway, in having a busy year, I didn’t get as much sewing or crafting done as I’d hoped- but it is my dream to have one of those really fancy sheds at the bottom of the garden and be wealthy enough that I can just sew all the live long day and be an eccentric with lilac hair…so until I reach that point I’ll always be unsatisfied.
Please see below a blueprint for the plan that has become know as ‘The dream’
Doc 31 Dec 2014 00:04 copy

I thought I should revist my 2014 Sew Years resolutions anyway, knowing I had not fulfilled many of them

photo 21. Make More Clothes
I did make some more clothes,  but no where near as many as I would have liked.
To me sewing up a dress still feels like a long process and I find I shy away, when I don’t have a clear run of time to do the whole thing in one sitting. I should really just dive in and learn to catch sewing time whenever I can.
Also I am still at the stage that, I feel if I wear anything home made, people will know immediately and see all the wonky bits. I am becoming more confident in my sewing skills and finishing, but I guess this will only be remedied by sewing more to wear!
My 2nd Scout top was probably my most worn garment and would happily run up a pile more of these.
Lastly, I still get excited about fabrics and patterns and because of this sometimes I feel my judgement can be clouded and end up making garments that aren’t really a style I’d wear in real life- again here are the doctor orders, MORE SEWING!

2. The Mega Quilt
Well as mentioned last year this was always going to be a huge project to undertake and as of yet… it has not been undertook. If someone would like to start a kick starter campaign to fund both my mega shed and the making of the mega quilt, go for it.

photo3. Knitting More than Scarves
hmm, not doing so well on this one either. I have however just finished another lovely scarf! I have plans to knit two hats, each slightly more ridiculous than the last…watch this space.

4. New Techniques
I reckon I have done pretty well on this one. As well as using favourite techniques from my repertoire (screen printing, embroidery, scarf knitting) I have also learnt some new ones, like jewellery stamping, kumihimo and various sewing and cooking techniques. Whilst writing this post and checking back on my post from last year, I saw lino printing on my list and immediately bought a starter kit to experiment with, so I would consider that a tick, even though it was right before the deadline.

Now I was going to make a new set of ‘Sew years resolutions’ for 2015, but then thought most of my 2014 list is still in play, so can save myself a job there. Very efficient.
No. 1 is under was with plans for a Papercut cape, one of Tilly’s Cocos and some Salme camisoles.
Sadly I think No. 2 mega quilt,might get shelved another year, but for the sake of optimism I’m leaving it on there.
No. 3 is underway with the hat parade
No. 4 is always on the go in both craft terms and life terms.

I do have one new addition which will probably jump to the top of the list (well it’ll be at the top once I’ve got this kick starter off the ground) that is to clear time for sewing and not feel guilty about. Yes it’s another one of those ‘oh modern life is so busy and hard’ declarations; it’s a broken record, but it’s also a very good and true record. I need to learn the ‘Me’ stuff is just as important as the ‘Other’ stuff is.
Creating and Learning are the great joys in life, so all of my resolutions for the rest of days are do more of both.

Anyway I hope you are all in the middle of sticking sequins to your New Years Eve outfits and all of your other outfits for 2015 too.

p.s. Fuck Off Bunting 4EVA

4 thoughts on “A Years worth of telling bunting to ‘Fuck Off’

  1. Sounds like a pretty good year on the creative front, really. Are you planning to expand your fuck-off-ness at all this year? As in, fuck off bunting and toy kittens? Just wondering…

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