“Thank you Mood”

As mentioned in my previous post, I have just returned from a very dreamy trip to New York. Amidst the terrific wedding and amazing food and parties and sights, I managed to sneak off and get a little time at Mood fabric shop.

photo 1
Mood was made famous by Project Runway, as each season the designers are let loose in Mood to get their fabrics for each challenge. As we are mid way through season 13 of Project Runway, there was a small part of me that hoped I’d run into Swatch, Tim Gunn and his gang at the shop, but the Television employee in me knew that they would have been filmed sometime ago and probably had a special private opening of the shop for filming, so fan girls like me wouldn’t mob them and halt filming.

photo 3
Anyway in short, Mood was amazing and offered so many gorgeous fabrics. The store is arranged by fabric type, with helpful signs direct you. There are several cutting tables all around and all of the staff were really great and happy to answer any questions I had and flatter me by asking ‘are you a desinger?’. Of course it being in the U, S of A, fabric was cut in yards not meters, but this is very small adjustment to make in your head when faced with so many beautiful fabrics.

Lots of people have said that due to it’s overwhelming cornucopia of offerings, it’s best to go into Mood with a plan- I didn’t have a plan.
I was on holiday and didn’t have the brain space for a plan. I had the very good intention of going through my pattern stash and noting the yardage needed for each before I left, but I didn’t do this, as I was too preoccupied transferring my toiletries into tiny travel sized bottles.
I was very lucky to have a fair amount of time in Mood, to browse and ponder, but if you only have a short window then a plan is probably still advised. In place of a plan, I did have a few fabric rules to follow when buying- a) stick to muted colours, I am trying to create a more unified wardrobe, so walk past any amazing but mental patterns b) look for things I couldn’t get easily or as cheaply in England, although that chambray was lovely it’s silly to carry it 3461 miles (saying that I did feel some Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner in a scent not available in the UK was worthy  of shipping the 3641 miles).

The shop had loads of amazing trims and notion too…

photo 4photo 1photo 5

Here’s what I came back with… from left to right

1 yard burgundy and black patterned crepe
Plans for this to be a Salme double layer cami, possibly a grainline scout t-shirt

2 yards, black japanese textured polyester.
Plans for a quite structured A-line skirt for winter wear with cashmere jumpers, possibly a Delphine, from Tilly’s love at First Stitch

2 yards Rag and Bone, paper denim.
I was mostly attracted to this as we walked past a Rag and Bone store  and loved everything in the window, but not sure what this’ll end up as

2 yards, dark green and metallic brocade, by a fancy designer, but my glee at finding this means I’ve forgotten who
Plans for a Emery dress for winter Jackie O glam.

1 22″ dark green zip, to go with the brocade and also because it had a mood label

2 yards dark grey quilted textured polyester.
I initially had plans for another structured skirt, but then the assistant cutting it said she was thinking of getting some for a cocoon coat- if I can fit a pattern in the 2 yards I might copy her. Either way I’ll have to be careful as the texture might make the garment bulky and I don’t want to look chunky.

I was very tempted by getting some Mood merchandise on my trip (my whole time in NY was littered with some AMAZING merch!) but trying to look cool in front of other NY sewists did stop me. I was particularly tempted by the sewing apron, to help me keep all my tools together when sewing, but then thought this could be a great stash busting project to make my own.

AND if my great haul at Mood wasn’t enough, then I went onto Botani for loads of trims and notions. This shop had walls of zips and buttons and straps. Here I picked up some gold piping for bling-tastic Centauree dress. All in all New York has a lot to offer any sewers, as long as you leave some room in your case to bring it all back!

photo 3 
photo 4

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