Who’s your Bahama Mama?

Look guys, I don’t know much, but I know this much,
Fact #1 it’s hot, it’s really very very very hot.
Fact #2 it’s the weekend

The combination of these two things made me want booze and cold booze at that.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a Watermelon by Ed Fortune and she was named Melanie II.
Here he is pictured with Melanie I (and his lovely wife Justine).

photo 1
Anyway there was only one way to honour Melanie II and that was to make her into a lovely fruity dreamy cold slush cocktail bonanza.
If you ever get the inclination to gift a friend a watermelon, DO IT, it’s a great thing to do…it really is.

I went into this thinking I was making my own version of a ‘Bahama Mama’, however it is now very clear I was heavily influenced by a recent binge of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’. On an episode band leader, Reggie Watts made ‘Bahama mamas’

imgres tumblr_mqoh4i0YFM1qc615wo1_1280

However, now it has become clear that a bahama mama is an actual cocktail and takes a bit more pazazz than my version. If you are fancy pants and want to make the proper version, here’s a recipe


It looks pretty good, but i can’t vouch if it’s as nice as my low rent version.

So I went for it…bahama mama or not

-chop up gorgeous Watermelon
– stick in food processor with some vodka and some ice (guys, I don’t have measures here, I trust you to do it by eye, its fruit and booze, you make the call)
– drink it and enjoy the cool fruit relief
– any mixture you don’t drink, stick in the freezer to create amazing boozy slush.

photo 4photo 3photo 2

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