The Wedding Date.

005TWD_Sarah_Parish_003‘The Wedding Date’ is a film starring Deborah Messing and Dermot Mulroney in which he gives up his morally questionable, but probably very lucrative career as a male prostitute, after he falls in love with Deborah Messing’s character, who asks (employs) him to come to her sister’s wedding, to make her ex-fiancee jealous. Jeremy Sheffield plays the role of the ex-fiancee but now he’s being someone evil in ‘Hollyoaks’ as I understand it.
The film is a pretty enjoyable rom-com, when you are in the mood for something you only have to half pay attention to. There’s an amusing rounders scene when Messing pours water over herself and another when they go to the pub to play pub golf and Sarah Parish wears a questionable silky argyle halter-neck top (a style the Costume Designer seems committed to for the majority of the film, despite Sarah Parish’s ample bust).

Anyway, you might catch it on ITV2 one day, but here’s some other wedding related bits from  my Mum’s February wedding…

In addition to the bunting “word which must not be mentioned”, there were a few more makes I did for the wedding and this is the last wedding related post, I promise.

Map Garland

The theme of our efforts was ‘journeys’ so we did lots of bits with old OS maps. Many of the maps were from the surrounding areas or areas from the Bride and Groom’s life.
This was a simple idea to make a string of little map discs, to add highlights of the map sall around the venue, but not in an overkill way.
I used a large circular punch, glued two disc together and then ran them through the sewing machine on a long straight stitch. If you fancy doing this, be prepared to retire your sewing machine needle afterwards as the paper will blunt it something rotten.


We decided against having fresh flower boutonnieres and the whole day had a vintage feel so I  liked the idea of re-using something. I got a job lot of vintage stamps from all over the world off eBay. I backed these on card and then stuck the card to plain, hat pin findings. This was an excellent excuse to buy and wield a hot glue gun, which made me feel dangerous and powerful, I imagine like Geena Davis in ‘Thelma and Louise’ where she pulls the gun on the police officer or Deborah Messing in ‘The Wedding Date’ when she waggles the rounders bat.


Table Runners and Place Mats

These are as expected for a table runner; lengths of material either hemmed or edged with bias binding- this was an easy way to make features of the tables which were otherwise just dressed with white table linen.
But ‘hooray!’ I got to needlessly use some more of the fancy stitches on my new sewing machine.

I also created place mats with more of the OS maps- this was a nice base and central focus with jam jars of candles and flowers on top, in the middle of the table. I just edged circles of the maps with…you’ve guessed it, bias tape, after backing them on card for some more sturdiness


Word Banner
I know, this is practically bunting, but whatever, there was a message behind it.
I spelt a message out and printed out a guide onto ordinary computer paper. I backed these in card and then stuck on the back of the map.
I used a scalpel to cut out for clean lines. I then used a hole-punch at the top of the letters and strung up.

Jam Jar Flower Arrangements

You will have seen on every ‘DIY wedding’ blog since the dawn of time using jam jars for flowers and candles. Well we did just that, because it’s nice and it’s pretty and we said so.
We tied a variety of ribbons, laces and trims around jars of all different shapes and sizes. We used some jars to have tea lights in and some for flowers.

photo 1

Log Signs

These cute signs for the reception hall were made by my big brother. He used a heat pen to burn the text in log sections. I think the negotiation with the log seller was as labour intensive as the crafting. (guest blogger bro?!)

photo 5

Wicker Hearts
These beauties were made by another family wedding craft helper, Lisa. She bought the wicker in a variety of colours, soaked the lengths and then moulded them around the wire frames to hang. Gorgeous! (heavily hinting for a guest blog post from the wicker wonder AND she makes beautiful paper flowers too AND took some of these photos for me to pilfer too!)

The whole event had a handmade theme, created by our family tag team- AND IT WAS AWESOME.
(I am sure more photos will follow on the ‘In Action’ page!)


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