Buddies of mine, you will already know that I have a new sewing machine.  I have, tweeted, facebook’d, texted, emailed, whatsapp’d and generally told anyone who’ll listen about my new dream machine. We were united on Thursday evening and I now believe that my quality of life will be approximately 4000 times better.

I have been thinking about a new machine for a while. My little purple machine has done me well, being reliable, light and compact- a perfect for London flat living.
However just like a first bra, it was just an introduction into a frightening and confusing world that had so much more to offer me.
Just like a first bra, it looked like it had everything I needed, until one day I outgrew it and need something a bit more industrial for the proper support. Boobs ≈Sewing.

Looking at buying a new machine is daunting (there could be more bra metaphor here, but I think you got it), there are so many options and models with prices ranging from mere quids to hefty chunks of change.

There were a number of things I knew I needed and a number of things that would be amazing extras. I have depicted this in a venn diagram.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.38.17

I started looking at John Lewis. In my family it is believed that John Lewis stocks everything you need for a passage to Nirvana (inc bras), so a good place to start I thought.
On the website they have a great check list of what features each machine has and a useful guide on choosing a machine. Have a look here  or go into the store where they also have a well informed team who will help and also give you a test run.

However the range is limited and sticks to the big brand names. On middling budget, I thought I could get more for my buck if I looked elsewhere.

photo 2


photo 3

I had a browse and saw a machine that I thought ticked all the boxes. I rang up and was helped by an absolutely wonderful employee Paul, who was so helpful and extremely knowledgeable.
After his expert advice, telling my the machine I chose was utter tosh, I chose the Decor Pro 2000. It runs so smoothly, has a wonderful range of snazzy extras but most importantly all of the features I needed to extend my sewing repertoire.
I love her. I think we will be together for a long time. Not only can I write curse words ,there are also leaping bunnies. Perfection.

I grew up in a household where it was nigh on sacrilegious if you read the instruction manual. I watched on as gadgets and gizmos were switched on, wired up and running in mere moments as the instruction booklet drifted off in the breeze alongside tumbleweeds.
But life experience has now taught me this might not be the best way to live my life. Using the instructions is probably a very obvious action for most, but this is new to me. This instruction booklet is amazing, it is a dodgy japanese-english translation and first and foremost warns me not to plug-in near water or operate over a bath tub (WHO KNEW??)


Here are my small tips for looking for a new machine

1. don’t be dazzled by extras.
it’s great to have 4398 stitches, but pointless if you only use 3.

2. get a machine for your situation
great sturdy machines are wonderful but if you move a lot, have limited space or your machine travels with you, sometimes you have to sacrifice some features, to make life easier.

3. check the paperwork.
I plan for this machine to be with me for a fair while, so I wanted a long guarantee with full coverage and this one also comes with a yearly service.

I am so delighted. Soon everything I own will be embroidered with ‘Fuck off Bunting’, as will everything I make for you.

photo 1

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