I’ll give you the down low.

I’ve done my fair share of raising hems- I am a little shorter than average and even though I do promise myself that one day I will be the kind of woman who will wear heels in the casual sense and look completely at ease as I trot from my lunch meeting to after work drinks…IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.


Anyway, this a post about lowering hems.

My second admission to myself in this post is that I am a ‘woman of a certain age’ and teeny tiny skirts just aren’t an option anymore.


there are so many trims and ribbons and lovley stuff that you can add to the bottom of a skirt. This is a simple solution, as it means all you have to do is pin and sew and you can claim some modesty back.

trim2However there pitfalls. If your skirt has a curved, circular hem, sometimes adding a straight edged trim can mean the fabric will hang strangely.

The same will happen in your trim is stiffer or lighter than the fabric of the skirt, try and get as close as you can.

For this jersey dress I added a wide crochet trim.
As this is more of a holiday/ beach dress I didn’t mind that the trim doesn’t offer complete opacity, but it will over enough extra length for me know that people won’t get a clear view of my under crackers.

I sewed this on withe a wide zig zag stitch- I did this in the hope it’d secure more of the hole-y crochet and keep the trim from rolling over .


Being a sewer and constantly trying to fit a whole dress pattern on a handkerchiefs worth of fabric with clever tessellation, it often astounds me how large the seam allowances can be.

I kept putting on this skirt from ASOS, but always changed outof it thinking it was just an inch or so too short, as aforementioned, woman-certain-age.

I started by unpicking the hem and ironing out.
Letting down a seam will always slightly alter the hang of a skirt as often it will interupt the line of the garment.
This happen because the hem was designed to tuck up into the skirt not poke out, so either the grain can be different, the skirt was cut a-line so it will pull in a little, but if you are too precious about the skirt to have it a little wonky, then this probably isn’t the remedy for you.

As you will see there is a  faint line left- this will fade a little with a few washes as the stitch holes shrink. You could cover this with ribbon or rid rac for a nice hem detail, but I left it.

To give even more length, I also finished the bottom seam with binding.

Here’s hoping you’ll see a lot less of my bum.


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