Pick a Pocket.


Another speed make here and one I’m sure you’ve seen all over the craft blog rock n roll circuit.

This is a cute way to update a plain t-shirt with a contrasting fabric pocket.

Not only will this give you a useful pocket to put pens, change and sherbet lemons in, it’ll also make people think you’ve bought a pocket detail shirt from Topshop.

This is super easy.

Cut a pocket shape from a material of choice- I chose something with a bit of weight to it so the pocket would stay stiff.
If you were to use a gorgeous paisley silk scarf for example, it’s time to call our buddy interfacing again- just to help beef up delicate fabrics up.

I drew my template, trying to make it similar dimensions to a pocket on another garment, including seam allowance.

imageOnce cut, I hemmed all around the pocket- try to be as neat as possible here as this will be seen as a top-stitch on the pocket.
For the top edge of the pocket I did a double hem, so should someone peer into the pocket after your sherbet lemons, they wouldn’t see an exposed edge.

Now pin the hemmed pocket to your t-shirt, play around with the positioning to ensure that the pocket is straight and also not floating somewhere near your belly button.

Sew round the bottom edges of the of the pocket, be careful not to get carried away and sew the top closed- we’re aiming for a functioning pocket here.

Be sure to back stitch at the top to secure, as no doubt you’ll be sticking your hand in all the time.

Finish off with a press and you’re good to go.

This is also a lovely way to update skirts, with cute patch pockets in Liberty prints, as a pockets worth is probably all I can afford in Liberty print.

Also pockets can be different shapes or have extra trims too- I saw an example with a snazzy machine embroidered monogram and another with a smidge of jumbo ric rac.

Anyway, this headless torso models a finished pocket and seems to be enjoying it, you can tell by the smiley forearms.


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