for BFFs only.


Here’s a speedy post- this one is so easy it seems like cheating. This is a quick guide to making knotted friendship bracelets.

I have been making these since the mid 90’s, when on a family holiday to Orlando I picked up a friendship bracelet set from a toy shop. There are many variations and you can even go mental with a bead or two- but these are only for super BFF’s.

These are so easy as they are just a bunch of knots and don’t require the concentration macreme bracelets do. This is a single row variation (soooo easy) with a bead in the middle.

Start with a loop of thread, I have threaded mine through a small silver hoop. These hoops can be found in the jewellery making department.

I like to tape my bracelet to a table, but you can also loop the top in a safety pin and attach to your jeans (great for long train trips), just something to anchor it to.

Then you need to take the left hand string and place it in a ‘4’ shape over the right- then knot. Make sure the knot it tight, then just do the reverse- take the right strong and make a backwards ‘4’ over the left and knot.


With this design, the hoop will be in the middle, so keep checking this half against your wrist and that is goes about half way round. Once you’re done with this side, thread the hoop again and start again.

image_2I say you should make them in many colours and stack up your arm. Or you can make a whole bunch and give them to your friends and start a passive aggressive war of kindness.

you are my BFF, yes you.



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