Music to my Ears


If the fact I am blogging about craft projects isn’t quite twee enough for you, I also play the ukulele.
Flippin’ deal with it.

My beautiful Baton Rouge soprano ukulele has been in need of a case for some time.

It previously lived in a gorgeous tartan one made by Sugar Ray bought from the Duke of Uke, but sadly that suffered a moth attack and had to be jettisoned.

I have previously made a case for my tenor uke; this was more  project of necessity due to it’s awkward shape, there weren’t cases available to buy.

I embarked on this quilted adventure with the help of my Mum (an excellent wadding wrangler by the way).
To make this we created paper templates, sewed it together and prayed for the best- which resulted in this snug, if slightly wibbly beauty.

For this case, I have forgone the wadding and decided to follow the example of the cases that come with the standard Mahalo models.

So I  unpicked an existing Mahola case and have used this as a template (this is a running theme of a lot of my upcoming projects). Using this method means I won’t have the wibbly quality of my last case and also give me a pattern to keep, should any uke playing friends request a new case.

uke 4

uke 3Once I unpicked the existing case, I used the pieces as you would with a regular pattern. I cut the pieces from fabric and pinned together.

This project called for a binding edge, so I chose to add the zip and binding in a contrasting royal blue. The binding was an absolute steal from eBay. If you are ever stuck of have trick hems or seams to follow I say turn to binding- it covers a plethora of mistakes.

Luckily this project didn’t call for an invisible zip, so just attached with a top stitch.

Yet again I used a heavier cotton from Ikea, with this kind of fabric I didn’t have to worry about pattern matching and the weight meant I knew it would be sturdy enough to carry and protect my Uke.

Once I added a strap I am ready to return to my wandering minstrel ways.

Any requests?





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