Cat’s Pyjamas


Just a speedy one, on one of my favourite projects that has been reeled out in many many guises.

Here’s a look at some of my customized pyjama bottoms- this is a very standard gift if you are a friend of fuck off bunting.

Many have had the honour of donning some of Jess ‘Jamas. (HINT please send pictures)

I just grab some cheap PJ bottoms and embroiderer a motif- I usually use a chain stitch as it stands out and is quick enough to cover a lot of text.
I always get either cotton or flannel bottoms as you can jump straight in and get stitching, using jersey bottoms means you will get snagging or holes unless you apply an interfacing.

Usually I do the full design free hand as this way I find the material easier to control whilst stitching.  For this one I used an embroidery hoop to help out when I was further down the leg.


These bottoms were for Alex and showed our mutual love of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. Here’s the link for you to have a giggle at.

Next step in my gifting, will be for me to make the bottoms too, so any pointers to a good easy pattern would be hugely appreciated craft buddies.


I have my eye on this loopy fabric for some PJs, available from Fabric Rehab.


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