I really love those tiger feet (hands)


It seems the commissions keep rolling in.

My personal woman of the match Annie Macnee, is heading off to Prague with the mighty Brixton tigers for a football tournament.

To commemorate the occasion I’ve customised some goal keeper gloves with tiger fur, tango orange tiger fur to be precise.

I had the make a stencil of the upper of the gloves for this I just used regular computer paper. Then turned the stencils over to create a mirror image on the fur. I gave a small allowance on the fur as I wanted to ensure the gloves still had enough give and manoeuvrability.

( a side note… In the above photo you can see the corner of my new cath kidskin travel sewing kit. Love this for crafts on the go, with a selection of needles, threads, thimble and tiny scissors .
The lemon wipes are there purely to ‘dress’ the shot)

From there I hand stitched in orange thread to the existing upper of the glove.

Grrr go tigers! (ps expecting photos for the ‘in action’ page Tigers!)



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