Time to learn about boning.

It’s baby season and the lovely Charlotte Wheaton asked if I could make her a feeding cape.

She’d had a look around and shops were charging $50 for what was a square of material with a strap.

‘Easy’ I thought- only straight  lines to sew and then I can use D rings for the strap.

I looked around for patterns and though I’d go with this one.



This is my first time dealing with boning and when it arrived in it’s bendy loopy roll I was a bit intimidated…so I ignored it.

I procrastinated and started with the main design- I chose to add some hand embroidered text.

I marked out the text with a toy I received in my stocking at Christmas, a handy chalk ‘pen’. It came with several colours that are interchangeable  meaning I can tackle any fabric.

I used a chain stitch  and halved my embroidery floss to give a more condensed detail. Chain stitch is my go to for this kind of detailing, I find I have more control than I do using stem stitch or couching and it is beefier than back stitch.











I spend a while deciding what design would be OK for either a girl or boy baby and wouldn’t embarrass Charlotte any more than already having her boobs out.

As with most things, Bowie was the answer- I took lyrics from ‘Kooks’ .

The fabric is from Ikea and has a little weight to it, it thought this best, so the cape doesn’t lift in the breeze and give a sneak peek.

image_1Because I bought quite narrow boning I decided to double it up. I did this just by running a stitch down the middle of two pieces before I inserted then into the top channel.

Boning has a natural bend to it so be sure to insert with the bend facing outwards.

You should end up with a curve like this, so when the mum has the cape on, she can see the baby.

I made strap, but not turned ones as in the  instructions, but just a simple fold over, pressed and then finished the ends with binding.

Here’s the finished article which is soon to be winging it’s way down under.

I hope baby Wheaton has lots of happy lunch dates  with their Ma (and that they send a photo for the ‘In Action’ page hint hint!)




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